Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time RP Game
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Recreating the game of Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time into multiplayer roleplay with Torque 3D game engine.
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 Moddb Summary & Discription July 2010

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Moddb Summary & Discription July 2010 Empty
PostSubject: Moddb Summary & Discription July 2010   Moddb Summary & Discription July 2010 EmptyWed Jul 28, 2010 1:29 am

Moddb Summary & Description:


Oot RP (Ocarina of Time Roleplay) is a remake/resurrect of the N64 of "Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time" I created Oot RP because I couldn't wait anymore for Zelda World so I wanted to create a simple roleplay in the land of Hyrule.


Oot RP is not competing with Packers Game -Zelda World


Oot RP:

* Roleplay (It more of a roleplay then an action, explore the world of Hyrule with friends.)
* No weapons (It basically a utopia just to go around familiar places and chat with friends)
* Young Link (Packers Alpha release had Adult Link so I'm currently using young link[Going to use him regardless])
* Custom Young Link (Young Link will be wearing a different color tunic[possibly])
* All in one map (Going to script teleports so you don't have to exit the game just to choose another server with another map.[WIP])

Zelda World:

* Termina (I won't create this world space just for the act of peace)
* Weapons
* Deathmatch
* Quest (He said something about of a possible quest maker, not sure)
* Maps Separated (all his maps are separated[as far as I know[alpha])
* Other custom match (He talked about other custom matches on his forum)
* 1.5 Year Experience (He has been working on his project for 1.5 years [started December 17, 2008] so clearly he is in great shape, so to speak.

If I'm not online the forum or Moddb, I'm most likely working on the game (Very common), taking care of my 2 month (exact from today) baby sister (too common, she's spoiled), or other real-life events(very rare).

Once I start creating a game, I want to make it organized. I'm going through the following stages below. (I skip around a lot sometimes)

Finish Forum and website- These two are important to because it helps me inspire myself of continuing the mod. I know it doesn't make sense but it also gives the project a "more alive" feeling letting the community know whats going on. -(Finished forum, I'll use this site as my main headquarters for now)

Sounds- Pulling sounds from the game will be the easiest of them all.

Model- Exporting the models from the Oot (Ocarina of Time) is a very easy and quick process.

Texture- Textures will be the hardest to achieve, if I release an early demo for example don't expect textures. Sad (Edit- just figured it out!)

Collision- I have know idea how difficult the collision will be but if i can make all models collide-able to their own form, then it will be simple and quick. (Figured out!)

GUI- (Game user interface)- Can't wait to do this.

Map- Technically its a part of model but its not an individual model so to speak (This includes the skybox.)

Animation- Will be the least to enjoy but once I start getting the hang of it then "whalla".

Weapons- It's a roleplaying game, you move around all over Hyrule with friends and hang out. I'm not sure if I want to add weapons, I don't want to compete with Packer. (He's a good person) -His is deathmatch right now. - Zelda World

Your probably wondering where is the multiplayer or chat system in the list. The answer is there already built in. Very Happy (I need to check since I updated). And yes I'll have a early demo when I get the important stuff done.
-----------------------------------------Below will be updated constantly--------------------------------------

Ones that are currently done.

Just Started this week but I have the following done:


* Hyrule Field map
* Hylia Lake map
* Lon Lon Ranch map
* Young Link (Don't expect him as a player model soon)

All the above need the textures fix.
Just for the people who want to know when the demo is release, it won't be 1.5 years (No offensive).

Upcoming Demos:

Date: Very soon!
Name: Torque Engine OotRP Test (Hyrule Field)
Player model: Built-In Torque Engine
Description: You'll be moving around the exact exported model of Hyrule Field (possibly bad textures but reason below). This is a simple person moving around on Hyrule Field.
Reason: I just need feedback from the community if there is a n error thus leading it to a Torque 3D Game Engine related problem. I need to do this first so I won't start with small problems that grow over time.

-----------Possibly one in between-------------

Date: September 5, 2010
Name: Major Oot Hyrule Map
Player model: Built-In Torque Engine
Description: It will contain all exterior maps of Oot and most likely background music. (Hopefully I fixed all textures and master teleports by then.
Reason: Its my birthday and hopefully I add extra goody stuff.

-------------Most likely get an update in between--------

Date: December (24?), 2010
Name: Major Christmas Package update
Player model: Built-In Torque Engine or Young Link (if not Young Link then right after this)
Description: (If didn't accomplished last time, will most definitely fix textures and master teleports) Will have all dungeon interiors and possibly buildings.
Reason: Its almost or is Christmas!

After this (2011) or between one of the packages, the following will happen:

* Young Link as Player model (With full animation)
* Young Link Swimming animation
* Epona (Ridable pony[eek sounds weird])
* Full Hi-def retexture of OotRP, see here -Hi-Res
* Custom Maps
* Choose your own player model
* Edit your player model
* Etc [Insert imagination here]...

This will be updated to daily basis since this project is new thus leading it to a very active start.
If your one of those people who like to help, answer the polls on the forum. - I'll try to update them once in a while.

Please Join the Forums. It just simply inspires me to work harder and lets me know what the community wants. I have this ongoing determination thanks from the inspiration of Zelda World but I need more inspiration to go even farther (I currenlty inspire myself by looping a whole soundtrackl of Zelda Music. Sad isn't but it works.)
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Moddb Summary & Discription July 2010
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